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In this LIVE Masterclass You Will Learn Scientifically Proven Methods to Biohack Yourself Into:

Self-mastery to live a life of excellence on your own terms

STOP Letting Other People & Your Own Limitations Influence Who You Should Be, How You Should Act And What You Should Say! START Living on YOUR OWN TERMS!

Here are 3 secrets I Will Share with you:

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Mindset & PhYsiology Optimization

A New and unique way to biohack your Mindset & Physiology to create Excellence in EVERY aspect of your life, while leaving external validation and self-doubt behind

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Empower & Up-Level Every Part of your life

Operate from your TRUE beliefs and desires while also up-leveling your success in your Career, Intimacy, and Social Life

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Live A limitless life on your own terms

The #1 Fastest way to accelerate your transformational process to reach your highest potential, capture love for your life, and live it on YOUR TERMS!

who is Karl Lashkari?

  • Karl Lashkari is the founder of Men of Mastery and a Men’s Leadership Coach; he guides men in driving growth in their business or careers, relationships, and lifestyle.
  • Karl learned to master his mental and physiological state in a three year journey recovering from chronic illness, when he was housebound for nearly a year.

  • He discovered that mastering his inner state allowed him to intentionally lead all aspects of his life without limitations and on his own terms. 

  • Karl is a certified meditation coach, yoga teacher, breathwork facilitator, and wellness coach. 
  • Karl is also a former management consultant, hedge fund operations manager, and head of sales & strategic partnerships for a technology startup. 
  • Karl currently leads local men’s leadership communities and deep-dive workshops across the globe, as well as life-changing virtual transformational programs.
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Client TesTimonials

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