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“This honesty thing is the shit!”

Graydon Ursell-
Marketing Entrepreneur

Become your own master

become your own master

“We have been trained as men today to operate in this world outside-in, rather than inside-out. We allow external factors such as our jobs, relationships, fleeting desires, and addictions to impact our health, our mood, and our reality; easily falling victim to circumstance and losing power over our lives.

By bringing awareness and alignment to our inner state: our thoughts and feelings, our deep desires and boundaries of respect, when we courageously take action and how we hesitate with fear, when we operate from integrity and from desperation; and then expressing ourselves fully and authentically…we can access the power to intentionally create our lives based our core beliefs and desires. In creating personal presence, power, and clarity, an aware and resilient mind and body, and accountability for our habits and actions, we have the power to create a healthy and optimized mind and body, a purpose-driven career, passionate and trusting intimate relationships, and an adventurous, high-energy, and stress-free lifestyle. That is self-mastery.”

Karl Lashkari
Founder Of Men Of Mastery

A Hero’s Journey

The purpose of Men’s Work is to guide men through their personal hero’s journey by providing a space and structure to discover and reveal the fullest truth of who we are as unique individuals. 

We live beyond the limitations placed on us by society or those who try to influence us to overcome all challenges and succeed at the bigger game. 

By developing awareness of and taking ownership of all the parts of ourselves, even the parts we are afraid of, hide from, or deny; we can finally break down barriers to give ourselves the chance to live our best lives and rise to our highest potential.

As we evolve on our hero’s journey, we rise beyond our self-imposed limitations; developing innate leadership capabilities to create our ideal lives and drive collective growth by empowering others who rely on us in our business and personal lives to thrive.

heros journey
Achieve Limitlessness With:
  • Optimal Wellness: Optimize mental and physical health and master your energy
  • Personal Freedom: A sovereign life free of past conditioning or others’ expectations
  • Powerful Presence: Maintain resilience, clarity, and direction amongst chaos
  • Creative Intelligence: Allow space for your intuition, creativity and charisma to flow
  • Relationship & Sexual Mastery: Understand masculine and feminine traits to create deep trust and passion in intimacy

Brotherhood of Leaders

One mistake we frequently make as men, especially as we step into our leadership and power, is that we face our hero’s journey alone. We can be embarrassed by weakness, ashamed to ask for help, and motivated to overcome our challenges in silence. This has a detrimental impact on our mental health, and our ability to actually overcome the challenges and achieve the goals we are facing. 

At Men of Mastery, all of our programs, workshops, and retreats encourage leaning into brotherhood to grow into the man and the leader you have always strived to be. In brotherhood, we are supported and elevated by a group of top leaders who are also living beyond society’s rules and norms, men who are changing the game. Expect to be challenged for playing small or hiding parts of himself subconsciously due to fear, while being called forward to rise as the most powerful, magnetic, happy, and successful version of himself. 

And collectively, we create a form of masculine leadership that we as men, our women, our employees, and the greater collective need right now. The world needs YOU. Your loved ones need YOU. You need YOU.

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