Masculine Power & Leadership

A Brotherhood of Successful Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders

Men On The Path to Relationship Mastery Just As They Have Mastered Business

By Stepping Into Their Masculine Power & Leadership, & Understanding Feminine Nature

To Create Satisfying Intimate Relationships With Women That Serve As A Catalyst To Their Mission & Their Growth, Instead of An Obstacle

Masculine Men Who Optimize Their Mind & Body, And Lead Intimate Relationships With Women The Have a Foundation Of Sexual Attraction, Respect, Peace, Reciprocity & Trust

We Are… The Men of Mastery

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Ever since being a part of Men of Mastery, I have continued to be close with my brothers, speak my truth in all situations, hold healthy boundaries, and hold powerful routines.


The program gave me the tools to regulate and control my mental state using nothing but my mind and body.

Become your own master

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“Men have been conditioned today to operate in this world disempowered and disconnected. We allow external factors such as work demands, uninspiring and toxic relationships, quick-fix desires, material purchases, and addictions to impact our health, our mood, and our reality; we easily fall victim to circumstance and lose power over our lives. 

By optimizing our minds and physiology, and connecting with our biologically inherent masculine traits: our presence, our power, our vision, our discipline, our courage, and our leadership; we can open up limitless possibilites toward how we build our lives. 

That is self-mastery.”

Karl Lashkari
Founder Of Men Of Mastery

The modern-day DILEMMA: Choosing Mission OR Women

There are many men today who have no mission or purpose. There is a portion of the population of men who are completely lacking the vision and willpower to serve others in attaining more success or furthering their possibilities. 

Then, there are entrepreneurs and business leaders… self-starters and high-achievers who have dedicated significant time and energy to serve others in achieving success, growth, efficiency, and new possibilities. These men have continuously persevered and excelled to spread their mission and make impact and legacy in the world

But many of these high-achieving entrepreneurs and business leaders are experiencing one major obstacle in reaching their highest potential, in carrying out their mission, in growing their business, and in living their best life… the modern woman.

In the era of feminism, the era of masculinized, independent, and highly promiscious women, many men are wasting their valuable time and energy either chasing women of low value, or trying to restore peace and love in a relationship  that lacks passion, respect, reciprocity, and trust. 

Most modern day men are completely disconnected from their biological masculine instincts in the way they relate with modern women. As a result, men are suffering severe consequences to their mental health, their satisfaction with what they receive from women, and for entrepreneurs and business leaders, reaching their highest potential as a man with a mission.

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At Men of Mastery… We help successful entrepreneurs & Business leaders empower their relationships with women so they Support and catalyze their mission, instead of Being An obstacle.
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MEN Acheive This By:
  • Selecting High-Quality Feminine Women
  • Leading Masculine / Feminine Dynamics
  • Giving Masculine Leadership As A Gift To Women
  • Guiding A Woman To Empower & Elevate Him With Her Femininity
  • Correcting A Woman When She Is Acting Entitled or Disrespectful
  • Creating Sexual Attraction At A Primal, Subconscious Level

You will be fully supported in your mission once you selEct a feminine, Heart-centered woman and Lead A Dynamic based on Sexual attraction, Love, Peace, reciprocity, and Respect

Acheving masculine mastery… In brotherhood

One mistake we frequently make as men, especially as we step into leadership and status, is that we face our hero’s journey alone. Men are commonly embarrassed to show weakness, ashamed to ask for help, and motivated to overcome challenges in silence. This not only has a detrimental impact on our mental health, but also our ability to actually overcome the challenges and achieve the goals we are taking on. 

At Men of Mastery, all of our programs, workshops, and retreats are conducted in a brotherhood of entrepreneurs and top leaders. When we take on the challenge of masculine transformation in our relationships with women, our business, our health, and our lifestyle with other men who are leaders and who are on the same path, the results are exponentially greater. Expect to be challenged for playing small or hiding from fear, while being called forward to rise as the most disciplined, capable, and dominant version of yourself. 

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