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“A truly unique community.”


“This honesty thing is the shit!”

Graydon Ursell-
Marketing Entrepreneur

Become your own master

become your own master

“We have been trained as men today to operate in this world outside in, rather than inside out. Meaning, we allow external factors to impact our health, mood, and reality, easily falling victim to circumstance and losing power over our lives.

By bringing awareness and alignment to our inner state: our thoughts and feelings, our deep desires and boundaries of respect, how we courageously take action and how we hesitate with fear; and expressing ourselves fully and authentically…we can access the power to intentionally create our reality.

Self-mastery is having the presence and personal power to physiologically create a resilient mind and body, take accountability for our habits and actions, and fully express our truth with unwavering presence and clarity.”

Karl Lashkari
Founder Of Men Of Mastery

A Hero’s Journey

The purpose of Men’s Work is to guide men through their personal hero’s journey by providing a space to discover and reveal the fullest truth of who we are, taking ownership of all the parts of ourselves to live our best lives and rise to our fullest potential.

We live beyond the limitations placed on us to overcome all challenges and succeed at the bigger game. 

As we evolve on our hero’s journey, we rise beyond ourselves; developing the leadership capabilities to create collective growth by empowering others who rely on us in our business and personal lives to thrive. 

heros journey
Achieve Limitlessness With:
  • Optimal Wellness: Up-level mental and physical health and master your energy
  • Personal Freedom: A sovereign life free of conditioning or expectations
  • Powerful Presence: Be a solid mountain with vast awareness amongst chaos
  • Creative Intelligence: Allow space for your intuition & creativity to flow
  • Relationship & Sexual Mastery: Understand masculine and feminine traits to create trust and passion in intimacy


Inwardly explore, outwardly express, and share all parts of yourself with a community of brothers. Together in brotherhood we find alignment within ourselves so we can show up in our lives powerfully and magnetically, and we collectively do so by penetrating with the world with our authentic presence and power, our deep truth, and our freedom of expression.

In brotherhood, we are supported and elevated by a group of leaders who are also living beyond society’s rules and norms, men who are changing the game. Each man can expect to be challenged for playing small or hiding parts of himself that he is afraid to reveal, while being called forth lovingly so he can rise as the most powerful, authentic, fulfilled, and successful version of himself.

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experience the following benefits:
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