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Strategy Call Booked!

Your application has been successfully submitted for review by our coaches, and your appointment for a one-hour strategy call has been scheduled.

An email has been sent to you with details confirming the meeting.

Make sure to show up to the Strategy Call on time, in a quiet space, and ready to dive deep with the coach.

Pre-call Reflection

At Men of Mastery, we believe that achieving self-mastery as a man comes when you build awareness and agency with your inner-stateā€¦ that is, your mindset, your emotional state, your ability to handle stress, and your physiological makeup. 

We will assess your current state in the following three areas of self-management during your Strategy Call. 

We suggest you take some space to honestly reflect and write down some notes about your current situation. 

Be prepared to speak specifically to what you would like to improve on or transform in the following three areas:

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Mind-Body Stress Release & Optimization

Are you living from a place of stress, burnout, emotional reactivity, and pressureā€¦ seeing no inner peace in sight?

Or are you able to function in your work and personal life from a place of calm, focus, awareness, and stoicism?

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Body Intelligence & Emotional Freedom

Do you sometimes have difficulty understanding the deeper needs of yourself and others, and hesitant to make a decision because of fear of getting it wrong?

Or are you connected with your emotional intelligence, intuition, and masculine instinct to consistently make the best decision effortlessly without over-analysis.

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Masculine Presence & Personal power

Do you have no control over your reality in are you unfulfilled in your work or intimate life due to being a yes-man, a nice-guy, and a doormat?

Or do you powerfully lead your life and those around you with full-presence, purpose, clarity, and confidence to create an intentional lifestyle of high-value?