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Welcome To The Medellin Men’s Circle

Our Mission is to provide a space for the Men of Medellin to get together in brotherhood and sharpen and support each other in our life journeys. We are group of growth-driven entrepreneurs and business leaders who collectively elevate each other in all aspects of life and create meaningful bonds. Everyone’s voice, wisdom, and leadership is encouraged.  

Men’s Circle Principles

Men’s Circle Agreements

Men’s Circle Leadership Team

Our Facilitators

Huwge Rayner

Circle Leader & Head Facilitator

Karl Lashkari

Founder & Circle Quality Control

Masculine Leadership Coach

Community support team

Richard De Leon

Circle Quality Control

Sex & Intimacy Coach

Sharpness & Emotional Self-Ownership
Shadow Work Facilitator

Isaac Agudelo

Action & Accountability Coordinator

Men’s Coaching

Learn more about our Men’s Transformation Coaching Programs

The Masculine Mastery method

You will connect with your biological masculinity and leadership in all areas of your life… from how you lead yourself into winning habits, to how you lead the women in your life into attraction, trust, and surrender… and how you lead the growth of your business into greater impact, status, and financial success. 

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Become a top 1% lover and transform your sex life. Both sexes struggle with insecurities, sexual dysfunctions, & blocks. 
Start a journey of masculine sexual power, high energy, increased stamina, presence, and deep connection… make her feel feminine and gift both of you with wilder ecstatic experiences.
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your state

Overcome illness, fatigue, or mental health challenges to elevate your inner state and as a result, elevate your life. Learn to manage your nervous system, create a strong mind, release suppressed emotions, and elevate your energy and optimism to reclaim your health, happiness, and drive to succeed.

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