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A Man´s Guide to self-mastery

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The type of man needed in today´s world is a powerful and charismatic leader who drives growth in business, relationships, and social iniatives. This ebook will walk you through Men of Mastery`s methodology in achieving self-mastery through:

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Mind-Body Stress Release & Optimization

Say no to undue stress and burnout that comes from expectations outside of you.  Learn to elevate the quality of your life by strengthening your mental and physical health to live with ease, enthusiasm, creativity, and impact.

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Masculine Presence & Personal power

Don’t be a victim to external circumstances or an imbalances power structure. Learning to cultivate personal power will allow you to live your life on your terms, having the business impact, influence, intimacy, and lifestyle you desire.

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Body Intelligence & Emotional Freedom

You may have a gift of intelligence, the ability to plan, rationalize, and resolve situations. This gift can limit our full human potential. Learn to develop a higher emotional intelligence, instinctive intuition, limitless creativity, and a charismatic way of being so your presence and impact is felt by others.

who is Karl Lashkari?

  • Karl Lashkari is the founder of Men of Mastery and a Men’s Leadership Coach; he guides men in driving growth in their careers, relationships, and lifestyle.
  • Karl learned to master his mental and physiological state in a three year journey recovering from chronic illness, when he was housebound for nearly a year.

  • He discovered that mastering his inner state allowed him to intentionally lead all aspects of his life enthusiastically and on his own terms. 

  • Karl is a certified meditation coach, yoga teacher, breathwork facilitator, and wellness coach. 
  • Karl is also a former management consultant, hedge fund operations manager, and head of sales & strategic partnerships for a technology startup. 
  • Karl currently leads local men’s leadership communities, virtual transformational programs, and deep-dive workshops in various cities across the globe.
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Get your free ebook: a man's Guide to Self-mastery

Register below to get your free copy of “A Man’s Guide to Self-Mastery”, written by Karl Lashkari

This guide will give you a new perspective on how to make the shifts within yourself so you can live life on your terms and become a leader who creates impact and growth in his career, intimate relationships, health, and lifestyle.

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